About The Aura Journey




It is our pleasure to introduce you to The Aura Journey.

We are an international style company designed by women, for women who desire a new lease on life and an even better relationship with their body. Our exclusive style experiences incorporate scientific techniques of personal development with established concepts of personal style. We dress women from the inside out, transitioning their image sensitively and securely with grace and ease.


What we do:  We employ transformative training, giving women a new awareness of how they relate to their body. From this awareness, women receive the tools to express themselves newly with the power and assurance to cause extraordinary results in their life.

We host communal retreats, life coaching, and offer virtual one-on-one and group courses to women around the world.  See our Services page for details.


Our commitment: We commit that every customer is heard and appreciated.  Our clients experience value and pride as they journey with us, and they practice our techniques for life. Once an Aura girl, always an Aura girl.




What are the top reasons your clients choose you?

When surveyed, these are the most common reasons our clients register for an The Aura Journey service:

  • Unhappy with the current state of their closet
  • Unsure if what they wear actually looks good on them
  • Unsure of the impression that their clothes/image gives to their co-workers or employees
  • Don’t have a style
  • Don’t know how to shop well, quickly, and within budget
  • Desire to lose weight or fall in love with their body again
  • Desire to increase clientele and/or expand their business
  • Desire to be promoted at their corporation
  • Experiencing a life transition (divorce, grand-motherhood, weight loss, or new relationship)


What if I don’t live in the United States?

That’s perfect. We’re headquartered in the Chicago area with worldwide clientele, and our most popular trainings are virtual.  See our Services page.


Will you host a Style-cation in my area?

Yes.  Contact us for more information.


Where is your weight loss course?

We do not have a separate course focused solely on weight loss nor do we claim to be a weight loss program.  However, 80% of the clients who have journeyed with us have been successful in losing weight.  This is primarily because of the inner work that we do and the inventive context in which we choose to examine one’s body and life.  Losing weight is never about the weight itself. The joy of styling women from the inside out is that during your journey with us you have the opportunity to unlock the key that’s necessary to your weight loss.  Our retreats and courses are filled with fun and a plethora of discoveries as you cause the specific results that are important to you in your life-be it weight loss or something else.


What sets The Aura Journey apart from other stylists or makeover services?

We are not a makeover service.  We know that one’s image is powerful yet often misjudged or misunderstood (even if unbeknownst to you).  The intentionality behind every design of our programming is what sets us apart.  We not only train you to develop your own style from scratch everyday, but we utilize inventive techniques incorporating components of both social and natural science.  We know that your image can be used to create the specific results you desire to see in your life, and we enjoy training you to create.


Do you have before and after pictures?

Our clients’ privacy is of the upmost importance to us. We value their exclusivity and dignity during their journey with us. Marketing photos are never taken.  Here’s what our clients are saying about us:

The Aura Journey gave me the framework to go not just for better, but revolutionary. I experienced that I could express myself in ways that I never thought of but always wanted. -Susan, Marketing Firm President

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my Aura ID and how it has changed my perceptions of myself. I am filled with confidence and courage and this crazy spirit of adventure every morning as I get dressed and ready for a new day filled with endless possibilities. -Ruth, Retired Grandmother of 3


What can I expect longterm after taking an Aura Journey course?

Our clients often realize during their course that they carry inherited disempowering conversations or misinformation about their bodies.  The insights they receive during and after their course are the kind that remain for a lifetime.  Surveyed women report emanating a confidence that goes beyond the wardrobe.  Months and even years after a course, our clients have stated that they experience a freedom that they didn’t even know that they were looking for.  They report an appreciation in who they are as well as what they’ve accomplished.  See a sampling of results below:

  • The ability to stand in front of my closet and find inspiration again
  • Freedom from the conversation in my head that I’m not good enough
  • The confidence to make myself a priority
  • A magnetic energy that naturally exudes from my skin
  • Revival from a sexless marriage into intimacy
  • An increase in sales from the moment I walk into a room
  • Comfort with being noticed and the responsibility of knowing what I am being noticed for
  • The ability to be creative with the clothes I already have in my closet
  • From losing my voice in my relationship to confidently speaking up
  • The authority to tell my stylist what looks good on me and how I wanted to look
  • The ability to give as well as receive compliments without judgement