The Aura Journey Services




The Virtual Aura Course (VAC)

      • The VAC is our signature experience. It is a step-by-step system that removes the frustration and confusion associated with shopping, getting dressed, and being powerful in your own body.  Learn to dismantle the limiting internal conversations that can lead to a poor style choices.  Our innovative exercises are designed to build confidence, courage, and creativity.  Attract any personal and business success you desire when your image is in alignment. This 9-week online training course includes:
        • Weekly Style Coaching and Action Plans
        • Aura Wardrobe Starter Kit
        • Aura Remix Shopping Must Have’s
        • Weekly feedback from one of our stylists!
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The Aura Discovery 

      • Are you blocked?  Do you feel stuck in an area of life that is important to you?  Do you repeat your past over and over?  The Aura Discovery is for you.
      • The Aura Discovery is specifically for women who desire to partake in one of our private or group life coaching packages. This program incorporates personal development as well as unique, practical exercises.  Discovery sessions are designed to explore more deeply the ways in which you-or even your image-are inhibiting specific results you desire in your life.
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The Style-cation

      • Are you a powerful woman unsure of what your style says about you?  Transform yourself with us at The Style-cation, an exclusive, intimate experience offered only a few times a year.
      • We retrain your eyes to know 1) what to wear in your closet to cause specific results for your day; 2) what designs and fabrics look good on your body type; 3) what colors are best for you and where to wear those colors on your body; 4) how to shop without being overwhelmed; 5) when a purchase is right for you; and 6) how to create a wardrobe from scratch.
      • Receive a customized Aura Action Plan and an Aura Shopping Trip with your personal stylist.  Transform with this fun, unforgettable getaway. You deserve it.  Your results await you.
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